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ontd_trashed's Journal

video killed ONTD_trash
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ontd_trash has been ontd_trashed

on August 5th, 2007 - a handful of people on AIM chat thought it would be funny to take it upon themselves to make a decision that affects the hundreds of members of ontd_trash. that decision was to beg other people on the internet for a mere 15 dollars that they didnt have in their own wallets, and change the name of ontd_trash to something stupid. that stupid is now ontd_refuse.

read what rupert really thinks about ontd_trash and my response here

the hinderback name change

is yet another bowel movement

a handful of e-friends find funny

while everyone else gets shit on

join ontd_trashed

bad jokes, imbedded bad music, lame fake deletions, mistakes, not being aurosan, not being stupid, not caring about lerff, ontd, ontd_trash, ontd_trashed, powerhungry e-friend cliques, rupert being foolish, sexidance is not ugly, stupid drunk decisions, tkk is dead, unfunny picture spamming, wasting good people's time